dnf port

Specialist partner for port-related companies

Accountancy, tax and finance tailored to port-related companies

dnf port is the benchmark with regard to accounting, tax and financial matters of the Belgian port sector. We offer specialist services to all industrial, transport and logistics companies active in this sector.

Long-term partnership

We base the advice we provide on current financial and tax insights, combined with an in-depth knowledge of your industry and supported by our experience at international consulting firms. We keep abreast of all developments with our strong presence in your sector.

We consider our relationship with you to be a long-term partnership. In this way we can provide well-considered advice and keep a close eye on you. Your company, our concern.

Our services

We offer general accounting and tax support to companies in ports. In addition, you can make use of our sector-specific guidance, such as:

  • Impact of activities on reasons for concession (property tax, sales law, VAT, etc.)
  • Investment allowance and other tax incentives for investment in port infrastructure
  • Specific local & regional taxes (property tax on material & equipment and tax on power capacity)
  • Tonnage tax
  • International taxation of shipping activities


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