The dnf e-portal, for a smooth and easy collaboration

As a modern, progressive accountants office, we also focus on the digital. That’s obvious to us! Digitisation enables us to stimulate and simplify our communication and cooperation with you.

With the dnf e-portal, we developed an integrated platform which allows us to exchange data easily and make information available quickly:

  • You can load your purchase and sales invoices easily. They will be processed in accordance with an agreed schedule. Your bank statements are also dealt with through CodaBox so that your accounts are always up-to-date.
  • You have a complete archive of all your purchase and sales invoices, and your continuous file is always available. So no more searching for any of your documents!
  • You will get fast feedback regarding your accounts:
    • A continuous overview of your outstanding customer and supplier balances
    • A clear dashboard with turnover, operating costs and operating result
    • Periodic reports with supporting data and documents