dnf not

Financial partner tailored to the needs of notaries

Accountancy, tax and finance tailored to the needs of notaries

dnf not is THE benchmark with regard to accounting, tax and financial matters of notaries and notary offices.

As a professional consultancy office, we are your confidential advisors. We deliver customised work and carry out our assignments in a proactive manner. We focus on your office’s interests. At dnf not you have a regular contact person, who is easily accessible. In addition, we work with digital tools that are tailored to your organisation.

Long-term partnership

We base the advice we provide on current financial and fiscal insights, combined with an in-depth knowledge of your industry. Our highly trained employees continuously engage with your industry and are always up to date with every development.

We consider our relationship with you a long-term partnership. In this way we can provide well-considered advice and keep a close eye on you. Your company, our concern.

Our services

We offer general support on accounting and tax matters to notaries and notary offices. In addition, you can make use of our sector-specific support, such as:

  • Preparing a quarterly statement for the Chamber of Notaries
  • Supporting annual and three-yearly audits by the Chamber of Notaries


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